Current Clues

Nevada Day TreasureHunt

Clue #1

Four distinct spaces

Within the division

Examine each one

Looking for your vision

Clue #2

Originally vulnerable

The Feds on a mission

Now they're defended

As perceptions transition

Clue #3

Copious and researched

Join the hunt

For this dweller

And come out in front

Clue #4

While there may be three

Generally they're of no aid

Because they do not

Contain this year's crusade

Clue #5

The southeast is a match

For both your destination

And Edington so don't let

The impact crater your elation

Clue #6
East of Eden
His holdings were broad
After immigrating

The rail earned him applaud

Clue #7
Link brick and ox
With hay and shoes
Plus medicine and education
From which you must choose

Clue #8
Eleanor V.’s husband
Gets all the fame
Her career and maturity

Deserves the same

Clue #9
For these dry kidneys
All should be grateful
They play a nurturing role
And now may be fateful ​

Clue #10
A lone prince sharing
A president’s name
Claimed the number
Fifteen for his fame

Clue #11

1000 wasn't enough

But don't be weary

Follow the eponym's lead

A new home is necessary

Clue #12

Demanded by the populace

After it failed to surge

Operationally and financially

As just one did emerge

Clue #13

Riding on the stage

He earned his fame

Driving the Tribune editor

Becoming part of Twain's game

Clue #14
Cruz by the buffer
From Howell’s memorial
Next to the wetlands
But steer clear of arboreal