Nevada Day TreasureHunt

All hunters must comply with the Governor’s orders and any local rules or regulations while hunting, such as maintaining social distance and wearing masks when required by the applicable orders, rules, and regulations. 

Clue #9
Constantino must be proud
Of this modern king
And the value of his sweetie
With the very cool ring

Clue #10
John may have known it best
Young Vandy's love was true
Where the pretty lights shine
You'll have a break through

Clue #11
More than twentyfold spotted
A dozen are raised
Don’t pin their tails in the north

As redheads may be unfazed

Current Clues

Clue #1
Enjoy the constant magic
When you turn it in
Of a squared 5 square
And where you have been

Clue #2

As it is more respectable

The 87 introduction

Would have pleased Franklin

As Nevada's first induction

Clue #3
Maintaining distance
They continue collaborating
These four should be the
Ones you find fascinating

Clue #4
Built for a purpose
No longer there
Performing the same job
But with more fanfare

Clue #5
Charged with providing
Current security is ensured
Including that this year’s site
Is maintained and will endure

Clue #6
A loving and joyful father
Was the focus of a president
His death led his son
To eventually become a resident

Clue #7
A surprisingly harmless balloon
Landed nearby
Serving up a failure
When it fell from the sky

Clue #8
These concrete stanchions
Which three times stirred
Still stand at the north edge
Where history is interred