16th Annual Nevada Day Treasure Hunt

October 3-24, 2017

Help us celebrate Nevada's Birthday! A series of 16 clues will lead a clever hunter to the medallion hidden somewhere in Carson, Churchill, Douglas, Lyon, Mineral, Pershing, Storey, or Washoe Counties. It is not buried, and no structure needs to be disturbed or climbed to find it. Hunting must be confined to daylight hours. Clues will highlight Northern Nevada's colorful past (and present).

Clues will be given daily, Tuesday through Saturday, and will be available in the paper edition of the Nevada Appeal.  The first clue will be published October 3, 2017.

Find the medallion and win up to $1000.

Nevada Day TreasureHunt

In historical Dayton, Nevada

The medallion has been found

At Santa Maria Aquatic Park where

This year’s winner has been crowned